My Interests


Behavioral Economics

I love Game Theory and Auction Theory; in fact, I've been told that I talk too much about both! Other than constantly calculating trade-offs, I primarily utilize my degree in Behavioral Economics to further understand people, the market, and the irrationalities that guide our decisions.



I have degrees in Cybersecurity and Computer Information Systems, and utilize this knowledge to evaluate and design secure systems, consensus protocols and cybersecurity postures. As our lives become more virtual, it's imperative that we are protected.


Data Sovereignty

Today, technology actively influences our decisions. Our data is used to show us what we want to see, not necessarily what we need to see. I fear for our future, if we are left unguarded against the unsoliticited influence of corporations and the fallibility of echo chambers.



Design is an intergral part of development. What started out as a desire for autonomous development, soon evolved into a passion for efficient and effective design. I enjoy presenting ideas graphically, and I am proud of my work on projects where design was my primary contribution.



I find real freedom in development. From creating interactive and dynamic sites to designing secure data transfer protocols, the ability to develop ideas that I believe will make the world a better place has been very rewarding. I leverage these projects as opportunities to learn development kits and programming languages.


Financial Technology

I design secure ledgers that validate digital asset ownership and empower individuals in a variety of industries. Primarily because Wyoming is a world-leader in blockchain legislation, I have been fortunate enough to work with industry leaders on the front-lines of the currency and data revolutions.