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Let's get to know each other - I'll start

Here's the TL;DR:

I fully believe that humans are mostly good and that each of us can leave a positive impact on the world through a myriad of small, thankless acts of kindness. These will largely go unnoticed day-to-day. Sometimes, this may take the form of a shift in perspective to a positive outlook. Other times, this may involve something more tangible or finite; perhaps our time. Regardless of the value of the donation, we should all make contributions to humanity's "pot of gold" as often as we are able.

Professionally, I thrive on untangling complex problems, kindling innovation, and promoting collaboration within teams. I approach most business challenges with a quantitative lens, and focus on creating an even footing where we can all amplify the potential of our teammates. One beautiful result of this is that our own potential is amplified, in turn.

My journey of continuous learning has propelled me into the heart of technology's role in reshaping our world. With roots in business intelligence, strategy, and project management, I offer a distinct perspective to navigate modern business challenges.

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If you want to chat, here are some ways to contact me. Or, if you'd prefer, you can always challenge me to a game of chess.