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I enjoy thinking, creating, and empowering others. I am a lifelong learner, with a burning passion for data protection, our collective right to privacy, and the sovereignty of the human mind. We live in a time when technology actively influences our decisions. Our data is used to show us what we want to see, not necessarily what we need to see. I fear for our collective future, if our minds are left unguarded against the influence of corporations and the fallibility of echo chambers.

To push back, I am actively deepening my understanding of Cybersecurity and Economics; focusing on how the two fields interact in digital marketplaces and bleeding-edge financial technologies. Specifically, I have taken a strong interest in smart contracts, distributed ledgers and consensus algorithms, because I believe that these tools offer humanity the means to fight back against oppression and unwarranted influence. I am a big fan of Game Theory and Auction Theory, and have been told that I talk too much about both. I also find the subfield of Behavioral Economics very interesting, and hope to further understand some of the irrationalities that shape our decisions and our lives.

Most recently, I have been focusing on establishing trust and authenticity within various industries that will benefit from distributed technology and secure ledgers. I believe in empowering small businesses, and I'm very proud to have worked with various startups to bring technology, jobs and economic growth to my community.

In my spare time I also enjoy reading, playing chess, exploring the mountains, spending time with my family, and traveling. I am an alumni of Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of Wyoming.

Challenge me to a game of chess. ♔ ♛ ♗ ♞ ♖